October 28!

What a day, what a week, what a weather.
The temperature in Tokyo fell suddenly down , which made me so sad, since I am susceptible to Mr. Weathers mood.
When it is sunny, I am happy.
When it's raining, I am sad. Ce la vie, that's live, some french people would say.
But you shouldn't say it to often. When you get a bad mark in a test, dont say ce la vie, because its not the life punishing you, but your lazyness. If you loose a football game, dont say ce la vie, because you could have trained better, or play better as a team to win. If you have no rights to make money, therefore have no money, can you say ce la vie? If your child has to work for 3 cent per hour for the sake of the family, because you are not able to work, can you say ce la vie? If your only source of life, agriculture etc, is getting ruined by patents, can you say ce la vie, that's life?
...No you can't! Because it's your life! And life is priceless. And if your life is falsly getting sold, stand up and fight for the right to say, ce ma vie!
Time is Money, Money is might! Our brain is getting invaded by viruses in the shape of money. Even tough, some clever scientists would say, that one of the human senses contents the feeling of pity. But pity isn't a persistent love story, but just a momentary One-Night-Stand. Coorperations have love stories,really, they love money, more than anything. And they don't cheat, they are loyal lovers to their money.

Today we saw the last 20 minutes of the documetary movie ' The Corporation'.
It was informative, and showed us students another face of money, culture, society; which contradicts to the face the Media, like television etc. is showing to us every day.
The second part of todays class consisted of introducing everyones essaytopics, they want to write.
I will concentrade on corperations like IG Farben, who played a big bad role in the 2nd World War. But I am still considering about my topic.

See you next week

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