The first lesson in the second semester!

On the 30th of septemper, the first class of Mr. Paterson Writing course in the 2nd Semester was held in the new Building of the Dokkyo University, in the E-Building.
Honestly, the new building is not bad, but i preferred the older buildings, because they had this flair of learning. The university atmosphere, you would imagine.
The new building has an atmosphere, which is close to the one of a hospital. Especially the stairs aren't as good designed as they should be, since it is very irritating, and at every floor you need to make one more time the important decision: left, or right...

The course itself was good. We have the chance to improve our essays from the first semester, by correcting and revising faults, marked by Rab, who checked all of our essays. Rab also gave us the chance, to discuss about 5 minutes with Rab individually about unclearness of parts, that got marked.
I hope everyone can improve theyr essays, so that we can look forward for the next, the second essays of the 2nd semester which content will concentrate on a documentation we are going to watch in the next and overnext class.

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