April 22th dokkyo writing lesson!

Once upon a time, in Browserland, there has been a Prince.
His name was Prince Firefox. He was one of the mightiest and strongest Princes.
The women loved him for his awesome look, the men appreciated him for his power and logical thinking. Prince Firefox and his followers, Sir Google toolbarance, Zoro Zotero, Rikaichan, and the magician Rabandalf, the quintet of true power was feared, and had no enemies but one...
The IE-King, living in his castle in Nomansland.
And it happened, that the IE-King has kidnapped the beautiful princess Mozilla, the wife of Prince Firefox!
Upset and willing to save his Princess Mozilla, Prince Firefox headed together with his famous quintet to the Nomansland, to the castle of the IE-King.

So they sett off, and after a long and stony road over field and hills, over water and fire, through jungle and desert, the quintet finally arrived at the castle of the IE-King.
It was a big and uncomfortable, grey castle, protected by the strongest of the IE-Kings Mans- The Dokkyo-Adminwarrior, a man of unbelievable power, not to beat, even if the whole world would fight against him.
So what to do? Go back home? NO! The purpose for coming was to save the Princess Mozilla! No return without her! With the Princess or with the death!!!!

But then someone said:"We don't need to fight! We can go from the backdoor! Since our aim is not the Dokkyo-Adminwarrior, but the IE-King We should go round the unnecessary fighting, and start the necessary thinking!"
The 'someone' was Rabandalf.
"Nice to hear, but how to realize? Is there any backdoor?", Prince Firefox insisted.
"YES, there is! I researched in my magic google-search book, and it is written in there!", Sir Google toolbarance explained.
"Fine! So let's GO!!!!"

And it was really there, the backdoor!
But after arriving, there has been another problem! The Backdoor was small! Very small! just a mans hand could enter, but not a normal sized man!
But no Problem! The strongest member of this team, Zoro Zotero just grabbed his sword, and cut the stone wall. Amazing! He saved a life!

Find the Princess! She must be there!
Then they heard a voice! It was a old, slow and deep voice.
"Yooouuuuu aaaareeeee mmiiiiiiineee...haaaaaaa.....haaaaaaa....haaaaaaaa
"That's the IE-King!", Prince Firefox said.
"Let's get the princess!"
They ran and sprinted, and than, there was the King!
He was about 1,50 m high, a little fat, and grey, grey like the ashes on his head.
"Whooooo aaarreeeee yoouuuuuuu!!!??!, he was about to scream in his slowly deep voice.
But before finishing his sentence, Firefox took Princess Mozillas hand, and ran away!
Firefoxes Team was already home, when the slow IE-King finished his sentence and was surprised that no one was there...

the End.

This story explains in an other way today's lesson.
Basically, Mr. Rab told us about the advantages of the Firefox Browser and its tools, and the disadvantages of the Internet explorer.
In short the Internet explorer is slow and not very useful, but the firefox is.
Moreover, we were taught how to install a portable version of the Firefox Browser to our USB drive.
The Firefox has a lot of useful Add ons and tools, like the Zotero, who should once save a students life!

All in all it was a good class, with a non-japanese flair.

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April 15th, Writing class

In todays writing class, we learned more about our teacher Rab, about his life in schottland, and about his exciting life in Japan.
(I know that I won't gain any extra points, but) Mr. Paterson seems to be a good person.
The rest of our 90 minutes class consisted of constructing my own web-blog, setting my web calender at google mail, and solving the riddle of internet bookshelves.

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April 8th Writing class

On April 8th, the first class of Mr. Patersons English writing course was held at the 5th building in room 101 at the beautiful green Dokkyo University Campus in Souka, Saitama prefecture.
It started at 10:45, at a day with full of sunshine.
Mr. Paterson, a humorous, in Schottland born Glasgow Ranger fan, informed us, about this years writing class.
Suprisingly, we need to work with Computers. Writing blogs, joining a class-intern group, writing essays via internet research, all of this is for me a new experience and im looking forward to it.
We were taught, about the importance of team work, which is a major point to have success in this class.
Homework was to create a gmail account and to buy a USB stick.

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