Do you want to live with or without the knowledge?
Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't like to hear it, but I am I, therefore i know.
Memories of our childhood... friends, sweets, christmas... We are infected by corporations advertisment, and under the ruling mercenary corporations hand, which is controlling our minds.

Coca cola, a sweet tasting liquified sugar dring, is controlling us on from young ages... even right know I see a comercial from Coca cola in the japanese TV, comparing coca cola with a model familie, talking about dream, love and happiness.
But how much love and happiness contents coca cola?? If you would measure it by pieces of sugar, then you could say, that a can of cola contains 13 happiness cubes, and funny coffein friends.
Children getting taught about the merits of coca cola, its fun to drink it, every one drinks it, even santa claus, the man who brings us all those nice presents, who wears, of course because he likes coca cola, the colours of the company: red and white. Children like it, children grow up, parents like it.
But Coca cola is not the only one. There is Mr. Shell, Mr.GM or Mr Microsoft.
Yes, there are all legal persons, like you and me. They are all members of the corporation family, living in the west side of monopoly town.
There aren't companys anymore, no, there are owned by shareholders, who are holding the power, and the right of cruelness to everyone and everything except theire wallet,
As long as there wallets are well-nourished the whole world can die of starvation.
walletobsety, brain and feeling starvation is another phenomena of corporations.
Corporations are not only ruling the west side of monopoly world, no , but also free trading zones. Ruling with Carrot and stick, how nostalgic. Getting some slaves, and make them happy with carrots, after they are full of carrots, go to the next free trade zone, and fill empty stomachs with carrots, huii.

In short; in todays class we saw the first part of the documentary, the corporations, which tried to show the viewer how corrupt corporations can be, in the name of Money.
Polluted Environment, factory farming, virus infected long as the money is right, the smile is bright. Another can care about problems, which have been made, as long as MR corporation can smile. You would call this externality.

There are a lot of things to add about todays class, but caused by the shock of viewing the documantery, i cannot write in a clear mind.


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