Media lies

In todays lessons beginning,Rab showed us a video, of how the big men behind the viewable media influence the reality and correctness. With big men, I mean politicians, owner of big companies etc pp.
Tough, it wasn't new for me to know that the media is not telling the truth as it is, but as they want, I got shocked by the picture, for example made in the Iraq, where a demonstration against saddham hussein was photo shopped, to make it look like, there were a crowd of thousand people, instead, there weren't.
Anyway, in the last lesson, we mainly talked about our Essay- thinking, and realizing the writing.
Since we got a document with a lot of hints of how to write, how to organize and with a lot of links to websites, where we can get help, if needed, the writing shouldn't be the big problem.
The main problem will be approximately the thinking.

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Hello everyone.
As you can see, in today's class, Rab showed us an interesting video.
But this was the only funny part, because from today on the the real class of Mr. Rab Peterson started!
Writing an Essay- that's the main goal for this class. And today, we needed to announce our Research question. By listening to others topics, we were able to build groups, consisting of 2 or 3 students, to help each other.
For helping each other, a similar research genre is needed. That's the main aspect for group building.
But why building groups, when everyone writes his own original Essay anyway?
That's a good Question! At this point, the knowledge from the first class comes to action.
With using the Google mail documents, you can share your Essay with your group mates, online. That means you can let your Essay be checked buy students, who write about similar thinks like you, but maybe seen from a different perspective, and can find mistakes, that you can't see.
By the way, my research question is: When is a person old?
I am trying my best to realize it in the best way possible.
I think, this weeks homework is, to begin writing your Essay, and from next week on, we are going to use the book, every student should have bought, by spending, yes, about 3000円 !

Thank you

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Golden Week

Because of the Showaday, there was no Writing Lesson last week, so I was thinking of writing any trivial thinks instead of commenting a lesson which wasn't even held.
But what to write after this "fantastic" fantasy entry, that earned a lot of applause not only from Mr.Rab but also some others, like classmates, or friends?
To be honest, I'm not in the mood, to write at least a half as good entry as my last one, but will make an effort, to write an enjoyable text.

I will write a little about my Golden Week holidays. Well, if you get asked:
"Hey, what did you do on the GW man?", the most of you may answer:
"Yo, I partied!!"
But honestly, I didn't had any drinking-party, but did more interesting thinks.
Of course, some of you would tell me again, how interesting and cheerful a party could be, when university freshmen, who don't know there limit, are gathering in combination with alcohol. discussing the sense of there existence.
Build your own opinion, but I am not a person who likes to drink without any reason.
Stop talking about these thinks, let's talk about my Saturday.
After waking up early, I went to the Sports recreation class, to enjoy playing frisbee on the school's sports ground, under a sea of ultra violet rays. But still, it was very fun.

I can tell you an interesting point about me: I love sports! Almost every kind of Sports, but especially Football, or so called "soccer". A sport that really resembles to football but differs too much, to call it the same, is "Futsal" .
It's like a small court football game, 5 against 5. The court has the size of a basketball or handball court, the goals are smaller, comparable to a handball goal.
A big difference makes the ball. It's a 4 sized no bounce ball, which makes it difficult to play high balls, like a long pass or a centre in a football game.
Therefore, because of the ground size and the balls ability Futsal is a fast pass game.
And because its so fun, me and 14 other friends from the same faculty rented a futsal court, 15 minutes walk from Dokkyo, and enjoyed playing for 2 hours.
It was really fun, and a good way to learn more about each other.
After finishing and going back home, I needed to prepare for the next futsal, namely I am a member of an other futsal team, with members of society, all about 30 years.
So, I had a doubleheader this day, and was very exhausted.
But to tell the truth, I really enjoy this feeling, to go to your limits in sports, or learning(and not drinking) and when the day is over, and you just wanna have a sleep, when you are able to say, that you are satisfied with your today's earnings, you know the reason why you sowed the seed of effort.
The next day was a pure relax day... W\with relax I mean cleaning-and-shopping-day.
To add more about interesting points of mine: I am living together with a japanese family, but not just A japanese family, but with feelings, like my own.
So I'm helping there a lot, as it would be for my families sake.

So there weren't any enjoyable things for the reader of this blog on this Sunday.

But the Monday was different.
After finishing my last part time job, some months ago at a strange international cafe in Shibuya, I was thinking to earn again some money.
And after requesting at a sports cafe at Roppongi, I got a interview arrangement at 10.45 pm!
Of course I was there, even tough it was at night, and Roppongi at night is a very exciting place, especially for people like me, with a face of a stranger, to japanese people.
I was offered to buy drugs, illegal tabacco and other things, but with my absent-minded face expression I could resist the dirty offers of the devil itself, the curiosity to try forbidden things.
But in the end, I entered the extravagant cafe, and met the manager, a, Irish man.
Basically, they wanted me to work at night, not only at night, but from night to morning. That would make learning for me impossible! The salary was fantastic, but the working time was miserable, so i decided to NOT work there.
But it was an interesting experience for me, because Roppongi was so exciting.

The Tuesday was the climax of my golden week holidays.
It was one more time a day, that started too early for me, but I am getting used to it.
Yes, on Tuesday, there was a Barbecue! A barbecue next to the Arakawa river. Fantastic weather, nice people, and a lot of meat, sausages and (b**r) made it to an unforgivable event to me.
And now on Wednesday, unfortunately the last Goldenweek day 【:() I am trying to write a decent text, for my dokkyo writing class blog, but in the end it is just an usual, not that interesting blog entry- don't stone me please.


PS.: To bore you a little more, i add a video of a Korean guitarist. His name is Zack Kim, and he got famous on Youtube, maybe some of you know him.

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