Media lies

In todays lessons beginning,Rab showed us a video, of how the big men behind the viewable media influence the reality and correctness. With big men, I mean politicians, owner of big companies etc pp.
Tough, it wasn't new for me to know that the media is not telling the truth as it is, but as they want, I got shocked by the picture, for example made in the Iraq, where a demonstration against saddham hussein was photo shopped, to make it look like, there were a crowd of thousand people, instead, there weren't.
Anyway, in the last lesson, we mainly talked about our Essay- thinking, and realizing the writing.
Since we got a document with a lot of hints of how to write, how to organize and with a lot of links to websites, where we can get help, if needed, the writing shouldn't be the big problem.
The main problem will be approximately the thinking.

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