Hello everyone.
As you can see, in today's class, Rab showed us an interesting video.
But this was the only funny part, because from today on the the real class of Mr. Rab Peterson started!
Writing an Essay- that's the main goal for this class. And today, we needed to announce our Research question. By listening to others topics, we were able to build groups, consisting of 2 or 3 students, to help each other.
For helping each other, a similar research genre is needed. That's the main aspect for group building.
But why building groups, when everyone writes his own original Essay anyway?
That's a good Question! At this point, the knowledge from the first class comes to action.
With using the Google mail documents, you can share your Essay with your group mates, online. That means you can let your Essay be checked buy students, who write about similar thinks like you, but maybe seen from a different perspective, and can find mistakes, that you can't see.
By the way, my research question is: When is a person old?
I am trying my best to realize it in the best way possible.
I think, this weeks homework is, to begin writing your Essay, and from next week on, we are going to use the book, every student should have bought, by spending, yes, about 3000円 !

Thank you

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