A lesson of insight

The last lesson was very surprising.
Surprising, because I learned the first time that lot on such a small range of time.

Next I'd like you, my dear reader, to have a look at my notes, I took in the last lesson.
There are 2 special facts to say about this notes, and 1 not that special thing.
1. It is all written in the google document application, which I shared with other students, so that everyone, especially those, who couldn't get all the point in the speaking pace of Rab, or those who forget to write their own notes, have now the possibility to see my notes. Furthermore, they can also add notes, which I didn't write.
2. With the web application script, I can post the file into the blog

one bad fact is, that I made some spelling and grammar faults.
Rules of Academic Writing

While writing my Essay, I can explore the internet, its functions and in formations.
I am not focusing on my topic only, but when I see any interesting articles, whether they are related to my topic, or not, I read them. I am see that my horizon of knowledge getting wider.
So you kill two birds with one stone.

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