In the last lessons, we got to know about a serious problem of the world wide web, and its giant, official, every one can see, universe. Privacy.
The privacy of your data on famous online web sites like Facebook are very questionable.
After reading the article, sent by our teacher Rab, I deleted my uploaded photos and also put my privacy settings on the highest standard.
Of course, I could delete my account, but this wouldn't solve the problem, after Rab.
Furthermore, I am via Facebook in contact with my German friends, so it would cut my last contact with them.

Even though, the Internet is very useful, it has dangerous and scary weak points.
Not using it is not the answer, but using it in a certain way, in a way of consciousness of its dangers, we can live together hand in hand, until the end of this fast highway of life.

We also deepened the Paragraph story. How to writ etc pp.
I am honestly very busy in the last time, with watching, discussing and criticizing football, played in the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South-Africa.


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