April 8th Writing class

On April 8th, the first class of Mr. Patersons English writing course was held at the 5th building in room 101 at the beautiful green Dokkyo University Campus in Souka, Saitama prefecture.
It started at 10:45, at a day with full of sunshine.
Mr. Paterson, a humorous, in Schottland born Glasgow Ranger fan, informed us, about this years writing class.
Suprisingly, we need to work with Computers. Writing blogs, joining a class-intern group, writing essays via internet research, all of this is for me a new experience and im looking forward to it.
We were taught, about the importance of team work, which is a major point to have success in this class.
Homework was to create a gmail account and to buy a USB stick.

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Holzhau Wanderer said...

ein sehr schöner blog. Aber weitermachen.

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